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    An accomplished; entrepreneur, senior level executive, venture capitalist and seed stage investor experienced in a diverse range of industries, skills & applications. Directly responsible for the creation, incubation, strategic planning, business development, managerial oversight and successful financing of numerous early stage, mezzanine and middle market companies resulting in job creation and appreciable economic impact. Companies founded have achieved an aggregate high market capitalization of over $26 billion dollars that have raised over $700 hundred million dollars in venture capital rounds of financing prior to going public. Proven demonstrable skills, track record, hands-on leadership and diverse experience in multiple functions, duties and roles including; executive management, board of directors, business development, strategic planning, technology and Intellectual property, sales and marketing, debt and equity financing's, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, distressed situations, and start-ups. Two companies that Mr. Badolato co-founded (Milcom and Bye Bye Now) were given State of Florida awards by Governor Jeb Bush for job creation and technology. There are only three companies that receive this award by IT Florida, a state advocacy group that oversees Florida based job creation and technology business development.


    Golden Goose Technologies, LLC 

    Director, co-founder 2018

    Golden Goose Technologies LLC, (GGT) formed in 2018, specializes in the licensing, incubation and commercialization of technologies developed by defense contractors, DARPA labs and other leading Research institutions and centers. GGT has established strategic relationships and six co-located business incubation centers with leading Defense Contractors and advanced research technology labs in the US and Europe coinciding with a $25 million Series A PFD tranche of working capital financing and ongoing portfolio company commitment from some of the worlds leading VC's and technology Hedge Funds. GGT has assembled a team of highly experienced experts in various industries including: artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, semiconductors, image, data algorithms, and robotics. GGT evaluates the applications and commercial feasibility of these technologies and then proceeds to license, incubate, assemble management teams and obtain required financing tranches. Via its unique "rights offering' business model, GGT is able to spin out the companies to its stakeholders and other outside investment groups and venture capital industry co-participants.

    Director, Co-founder 2015 to present

    The USA Exchange (USAX) Melbourne, FL- created in 2015, is a multi-sided business platform that connects economic development, B2B and B2C supply chain opportunities, incentives, services and commerce related resources, data and content. USAX presents this in an “exchange like” environment that incorporates block-chain technologies, advanced social software enterprise applications, media, mobile, corroborative sharing tools and other features. The USA Exchange platform is organized by geographical metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) implementing an easily navigable interface with extensive filtering menus and user member notification features. The USA Exchange enhances and enables America’s local communities to market themselves, their incentives and business listing opportunities to a global audience resulting in new businesses, job creation and the restoration of our industrial and manufacturing base in a more efficient manner with greater transparency and lower costs. The USAX concept & business model originated from an economic theory and white paper created in 2009 by the company’s founder Andy Badolato. A beta limited invite-only focus group was successfully undertaken with very positive results. The company is in the midst of restructuring and the addition of new management prior to anticipated launch in fall 2023

    White Knights & Vultures, LLC.

    Director Sep 2008 - Present

    A boutique venture capital, private equity, consulting, financial advisory and professional services firm that incubates, develops, finances and assists niche specific business opportunities taking an active role in the company and equity. Always looking for potential new opportunities.

    The Renewable Corporation

    Chairman, CEO, Founder 2008 - DEC 2011

    TRC was formed and created to develop, produce and manufacture plastics derived from renewable resources as an alternative to petroleum. Successfully initiated, developed and executed strategic partnerships to fulfill all of the supply chain requirements for the implementation of large scale US based manufacturing. This included the initiation, negotiation and execution of a 50/50 equity partnership with Cosan, SA. Cosan, based in Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane and ethanol producer with $11 billion revenues. Successfully developed and finalized the construction of a US gulf coast based manufacturing facility with annual production capacity of 400,000 MT in conjunction with Westlake, a premier worldwide manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals, vinyl’s, polymers and fabricated products with over $4 billion revenues. Successfully identified and negotiated the technology licensing and engineering requirements for the conversion of ethanol to renewable ethylene from Scientific Design, the world’s largest petrochemical engineering firm. Successfully initiated and finalized purchase order commitments and technical specifications for the 400,000 MT annual plant capacity with Procter & Gamble, America’s largest consumer goods provider. Obtained $235 million dollar in financing commitments from strategic partners and the world’s largest energy venture capital fund for a US gulf coast manufacturing plant. Mr. Badolato resigned as CEO and chairman on December 1st, 2011 and at this time the stock price was $1.01 per share with over 7,600 shareholders and the market capitalization of the company exceeded over $200 million dollars. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/rnwb/historical. http://www.otcmarkets.com/financialReportViewer?symbol=RNWB&id=76592


    Industrial Biotechnology Corporation

    Sarasota, FL- Chairman, CEO, Founder 2006 - 2010

    IBC was formed to develop manufacture and provide bio based industrial chemicals as an alternative to synthetic production methods. IBC successfully negotiated and finalized the licensing of multiple P-450 designer enzyme patents and intellectual property as well as an ongoing chemical development contract from Oxford University. Oxford, based in the UK is considered as one of the world’s leading chemistry departments in biological based R&D technologies. IBC licensed multiple patents and intellectual property pertaining to other biological production methods, processes and technologies from; Rice University, Louisiana State University and Washington State Chemistry departments. Created and developed the Alchemx Production Platform that encompassed the processes, technologies and supply chain requirements to produce biological chemicals implementing the licensed technologies. This proprietary platform process encompassed; chemical identification and economic feasibility, laboratory development proof of concept, scale up and optimizing production efficiency, large scale production and meeting end user order fulfillment specifications and technical requirements. IBC successfully initiated, presented and finalized all joint venture compound development partnerships resulting in multiple agreements with over 15 of the world’s largest petrochemical companies. The company was materially impacted by the fall 2008 economic crash with the combined declining price of petroleum and ethylene and the devaluation of the US dollar vs the Brazilian real as disclosed on page 9 and 10 located by clicking here. The company was publicly traded filing all required disclosure agreements pursuant to securities laws, reached a market capitalization at one point exceeding $300 million dollars and had over 5,000 shareholders. On 4/06/09 the company reported a material subsequent disclosure event involving the theft of its shares and the discovery of a third party shareholder committing stock fraud, and made disclosure in its filings of a series of criminal complaints the company made with various regulatory agencies against the individuals and entities involved. These persons used the company's stock to commit a crime . This can be reviewed and is available at by clicking here. The individuals involved were criminally arrested. Andrew Badolato individually, the company nor any of its officers and directors were NOT subpoenaed, deposed as witnesses, questioned formally or informally nor were any part of the criminal investigation or the subsequent trial of the individuals involved. The company and its counsel deemed it highly unlikely to recoup any financial settlements from the involved parties and deemed it in the best interests of the company to not pursue any litigation choosing instead to recapitalize and restructure the company in favor of its Preferred shareholders and investors.


    Director, President, co-founder 2002-2003

    SinoFresh HealthCare, Inc, a developer and marketer of innovative therapies to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases of the upper respiratory system. Mr. Badolato structured and led a corporate reorganization of the failing brand by leading an investment round of almost $2 million dollars in private equity and a subsequent IPO public offering of the company and recruiting the management team. As director and founding President, Mr. Badolato successfully launched the company's lead product, SinoFresh™ Nasal, Oral & Sinus Care, personally spearheading, negotiating and signing a national distribution contract with National In Store, thus making the product available in over 20,000 retail outlets nationwide including Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, Rite-Aid, and many more. This resulted in increased sales from less than $400,000 annually in 2002 to $1.7 million dollars and $600,000 gross profit in just the 3rd quarter of 2003. Mr. Badolato resigned as an officer and a director in August 2003 in the week preceding the public offering transaction when the company's stock price went from $5.00 to $12.00 per share in the first week and the market capitalization of the company exceeded over $200 million dollars. Subsequently in the following year, the company and its officers and directors were named in a derivative class action federal suit by shareholders led by Mr. Badolato. The shareholder investor plaintiffs were ultimately successful in receiving a cash settlement both from the company and its law firm. 


    Safety Harbor, FL- Founder, Director, President 1998

    Mr. Badolato was the founding Director and President of Military Commercial Technologies, Inc in 1998. (MILCOM). MILCOM was created to commercially license multiple patents and proprietary technologies from Lockheed Martin Missiles and Electronics resulting in the formation of Triton Network Technologies. Triton developed wireless telecommunication equipment for CLECS using 28ghz spread spectrum bandwidth using a highly specialized chipset using gas instead of silicon. Mr. Badolato oversaw and directed all financing of $140 million dollars private equity and than a $100 million dollar IPO led by CS First Boston and Credit Suisse. Mr Badolato successfully formed and was co-founder of Paralogic and signed the license agreement with Lockheed for the image compression algorithm library used in smart bombs. Mr. Badolato oversaw all funding requirements, structure, management and board recruiting and strategic business development. Mr. Badolato resigned in 2000 as President and Director and maintained an ongoing consultancy and advisory and was at one point the second largest single shareholder of MILCOM and its portfolio of companies. Subsequently Milcom has gone on to raise over $500 million dollars in becoming one of the worlds’ largest licensing and commercialization incubators of military technologies. In the past nine years, fourteen companies have been launched through the fund, which in turn have attracted over $600M in venture capital from firms such as AMAT, APAX, Bessemer Venture Partners, IBM, Oak Investment Partners, Redpoint Ventures, True Ventures and others. The fund works with Technology Partners (such as BAE, Boeing, ITT, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and others) to create market-dominant companies that develop disruptive products and applications that answer critical market needs.

    San Francisco, CA- VP Finance St James Capital, co-founder 1995

    Mr. Badolato was the single FIRST investor in the newly formed company that licensed DARPA (defense advanced research projects) funded technologies developed by the Berkeley computer Science Department. As an officer of St James capital, Mr. Badolato was a co-founder of the company and led the first seed round of $7 million dollars, assisted with the early stage business development and management and board recruiting as well as strategic partnership development. The company went on to raise over $300 million dollars in public equity reaching a $23 billion dollar plus market capitalization and eventually being acquired by Yahoo.

    Sarasota, FL- VP Private Capital Markets, IPO equity Syndicate, Branch Manager, licensed registered representative

    AEGON, one of the world’s largest life insurance, pension and asset management companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia with recent annual earnings of over 2 billion euros. Served as institutional broker overseeing and raising a $200 million portfolio of pension fund and high net worth clients. Led the North American equity and syndicate desk forming transactional partnerships with Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch. Developed a proprietary high volume equity trading market maker platform. Developed in house microcap equity research analyst services. Multi-year top producer and national awards winner and client accolades and testimonials.

    Investment Management of America

     Sarasota FL, Safety Harbor FL- CEO, Founder

    Formed as an operating and holding company specializing in the development, incubation, business development and financing of technology start-up companies whose services were performed for the companies listed below 1994-2003


    Portland, OR- Director, VP Finance, co-founder

    Ensequence enables programmers, service providers and advertisers to increase programming ratings, advertising effectiveness and merchandise sales by making their shows and commercials more powerful and engaging with interactivity. The Ensequence iTV Manager® interactive platform solves the technical complexities associated with creating and deploying a high volume of uniquely branded interactive television experiences across cable, satellite, telco and connected devices. Ensequence’s customers include the largest and most innovative programmers and service providers in the media industry: NBCUniversal, MTV Networks, Showtime Networks, Turner Broadcasting, HBO, QVC, WE tv, MSG, Fuse, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DISH Network and Verizon. In addition, Ensequence is deployed on multiple connected device platforms. To learn more www.ensequence.com,

    Donna Messenger Corporation

    New York, NY- VP, co-founder

    Formed to brand and commercially launch a premium skin care product line leveraging the success and proprietary patented products of Donna Messenger. Ms. Messenger, highly regarded as one of the leading Aestheticians in New York City, was the first to implement microdermabrasion, skin planing and collocated retail partnerships with Plastic Surgeons. The company was internally funded by its founders and subsequently executed a license agreement with a private company for the products developed.


    Orlando, FL-Director, VP Corporate Finance, co-founder

    Mr. Badolato was a founding Director and VP of Finance for this online retailer of golf clubs and equipment. Mr. Badolato led efforts in; raising over $23 million dollars of private capital, recruiting & hiring the management team, including CEO placement of the former head of sales of Computer associates. Initiated and negotiated a $12 million dollar total advertising stock barter and strategic investment by the Times Mirror Corporation and the Golf Channel. Oversight of a strategic investment by the David Ledbetter Academy. Assisted in developing the “virtual pro shop”, partnering with country clubs and the marketing strategy leading the company to become the largest in revenues of all the golf equipment internet providers. This resulted in the demise of competitors Mammoth Golf and Chipshot that had raised over $140 million dollars of Venture capital. Mr. Badolato led negotiations for the IPO commitment from Paine Webber. LiquidGolf.com hosted an Invitational golf tournament on the Champions Tour from 1996 to 2000 played in Sarasota, Florida at the TPC at Prestancia. The purse for the 2000 tournament was US$1,200,000, with $180,000 going to the winner. The tournament was founded in 1996 as the American Express Invitational. Liquid Golf was deeply impacted by the dot-com bubble crash in 2000-2001 and its IPO cancelled. Mr. Badolato resigned in 2001. Liquid gold subsequently went public in 2004 via an alternative public offering and reached a high market capitalization of over $100 million dollars.


    Seattle, WA- Director, VP Finance, co-founder 1997-98

    Mr. Badolato was the founding Director and VP finance of Consortio, which was formed to acquire, move and transfer the intellectual property and management team of Asia connect from Tonga holdings in Malaysia to Seattle WA. AsiaConnect was the first ever to stream live video and audio worldwide on the internet. Mr. Badolato oversaw and led efforts in finalizing a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Cisco and ITT Sheraton in developing a proprietary in room entertainment, business and ecommerce platform. Successfully raised over $5 million in seed financing and procured an IPO commitment from a tier 1 financial institution. The company was deeply impacted by the dot-com bubble crash in 2000-2001. Mr Badolato resigned in 1998. Subsequently the company went on to raise an additional $10 million dollars and the company was subsequently sold to a third party by 2006..

    Bye Bye Now

    Pompano Beach FL- Director, VP Finance, co-founder 1997-2000

    Mr. Badolato was the founding Director and VP Finance of BBN, a proprietary internet based travel and e-commerce platform integrating multimedia web technologies with existing independent brick and mortar travel agents. Mr. Badolato personally led management and board member recruiting resulting in; CEO placement of the number three executive from NBC and seven time Emmy award winner; Board member placements of: the co-founder and former president of CNN, CEO of American Express Travel, President of Carnival Cruise lines, CEO of Worldspan, and the former President-COO of Carlson Wagonlit travel. Mr. Badolato oversaw the company financing raise of over $28 million dollars and negotiated and received an IPO registration commitment from Merrill Lynch in 1999. The company was a victim of the dot-com bubble crash and subsequently filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

    Uniphyd Heathcare

    Pasco county - Director, VP Finance, co-founder 2000

    Mr. Badolato was the founding Director and VP Finance of Uniphyd Healthcare inc. Uniphyd was formed to provide capital, expertise, systems for physician groups to establish, own and successfully govern their own Provider Sponsored Organization (PSO) to contract directly with CMS for Medicare+Choice qualified beneficiaries. Uniphyd successfully formed and completed a network of over 130 Primary Care Physicians and over 100 specialists with a 40,000 plus patient network in Pasco County Florida. The Company went public in 2001 reaching a high market capitalization of over $100 million dollars. The Physician network was transferred and spun out in 2004. Thereafter, the public company was a non operating dormant " shell public company " until its sale and complete 100% change of control in 2008 to a new management group that changed the name and had a new business direction. Mr. Badolato resigned as Officer and Director simultaneous to this transaction and forgave transferred his share ownership having zero relationship capacity, involvement or beneficial ownership with the ongoing new company. Subsequently the following year, the new management team after assuming 100% full control of the dormant shell company were involved in a Ponzi like investor scheme resulting in multiple federal arrests. The Company and or its past officers and directors or Mr. Badolato individually were involved in the incident in any manner, nor were they ever contacted or spoken to by any regulatory body or any of the federal investigators involved nor were any individuals or corporate records subpoenaed, nor were they witnesses at the perpetrators criminal trials.

  • PolitICAL InterestS

    Conservative “classical liberal” freelance editorial and blog contributor and past political documentary film affiliations

    Mr. Badolato has been an infrequent freelance contributor in the past to Breitbart News and other publications specializing in data. Four of his political data articles were published in Drudge Report 2016 in the same week with three of them being the Drudge Feature top headlines. Some mainstream political media analysts suggested the data articles were responsible for one of the largest national political narrative shifts of 2016. One become part of the Wikileaks DNC email scandal involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Mr. Badolato's data articles amassed over 40 million page views, 100,000 plus comments and more than 250,000 social media shares. Mr Badolato's data articles have appeared in the Drudge report 6 times. Mr. Badolato has also been part of the credits as an associate producer, special mention and or marketing staff of the following conservative oriented documentary films: Clinton Cash, The Undefeated: The rise of Governor Sarah Palin, Still Point in a Turning World: Ronald Reagan and his Ranch, and District of Corruption by Judicial Watch starring Tom Fitton.

  • Personal

    Mr. Badolato- a full time single father that raised 3 sons and now has two grandsons, investment contrarian, classical liberal political persuasion, new lease on life after suffering a major heart attack in Dec 2014 and being brought back to life. Personal Financial: Mr. Badolato filed chapter 7 personal bankruptcy in 2006 (12 years ago) prior to the retroactive new homestead laws passed by congress. He had been previously named in two class action lawsuits along with 15 plus other defendants resulting from business endeavors prior to the dot-com bubble crash of 2001 and had mounting legal fees. In the most recent seven years, Mr. Badolato did "file" for chapter 12 bankruptcy (Mortgage modification) for his principal homestead where he had resided for 23 years. These filing "applications" were never completed or finalized, and the cases were promptly dismissed. Mr. Badolato has NEVER been the subject of any securities related regulatory agency or SRO civil or criminal complaint or investigation spanning 31 years until 2020. During this period, Mr Badolato had been a defendant in only two civil cases pertaining to his career business endeavors that both involved multiple other defendant parties ( 15 plus other persons and entities) filed in 1998 and 2003 over 15 and 20 years ago respectively, that were both eventually settled by D & O insurance carriers on behalf of all the defendants named. Mr. Badolato has been an officer or director of only one public company for a 5 year consecutive period as CEO ( The Renewable Corporation fka Industrial Biotechnology Corporation ) resigning in Dec 11 at the time the company had over a $200 million market capitalization and 7,600 plus shareholders of record. In August of 2020 , Mr. Badolato was indicted by the southern District of NY along with four other co-defendants. Mr. Badolato, a consultant to WebuildtheWall was NOT an officer or director plead guilty in 2022 to conspiracy. Mr. Badolato is NOT accused of personally benefiting from any funds outside of his consulting agreement payments made to him.

  • Education

    Ludwig Von Mises Institute

    Mises Acacademy- donor alumni & membership subscriber. Completed and presently enrolled online studies and courses:

    • Austrian Economics

    • Libertarian Legal Theory: Property, Conflict, and Society

    • Anarcho-Capitalism

    • Libertarianism and Modern Philosophers

    • Bubbles, Booms, and Busts

    University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business

    Executive Education workshops- Executive Integral Leadership- presently enrolled

    St. Thomas University

    Bachelor of Business Administration Management & Finance

    St. Thomas University

    Bachelor of Business Administration Management & Finance

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